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We help start-ups start off on the right foot.

Deliver more relevant products and services, find effective messages to connect with your customers, grow strategically.

Need help launching your new product/ service?

You’re passionate about what you do but finding customers feels like groping in the dark?

Not sure what are the strengths and weaknesses of your product/service?

Trying to figure out how and where to start promoting your product/service?

Let’s work together towards clarity.


Value Proposition Messaging

How to communicate effectively about your product or service

We help you shape your product or service offer with a customer focused approach and create effective messages that actually speak to your potential customers.

Content Strategy

What kind of content should you produce and how

We build a content strategy based on significant customer insights. Content strategy helps you to invest your marketing efforts in creating content that addresses your customers’ needs and supports your growth goals.

Our approach

Listening is key

We believe that interacting actively with your (potential) customers and listening to their needs is the basis for a successful business. And not just in the beginning – always!

Research + trial

Our messaging and strategies build on in-depth customer research, which we then test out and refine to achieve the desired changes and results.

Keeping it real

We encourage our customers to make the best of their own strengths and resources and find the unique value they have to offer to the world.

The team :

We are a motivated and flexible team of two, based in Italy. Colleagues and business partners since 2016, friends since forever. Looking forward to working with you!

Helena Helendi

6+ years of experience in marketing, project/operations management and entrepreneurship.

Customer validation, value messaging and product marketing.

Raised 500k with a crowdfunding campaign.

Birgit Maggi

5+ years of experience in website creation, marketing, copywriting and entrepreneurship.

Master’s degree in communication management.